Guide to Software

We are offering a service, which will actually save YOU time.  By electronically entering all of your items, you can save 50-60% of your time when you are tagging. In addition, you will be able to print out  your entire inventory and be able to manage your items as “sold” or “not sold”.  The reason we have chosen My Consignment Manager is because they are offering bar-coded services with the seller's needs as a priority. Their website is simple and easy to use.  We really encourage you to become familiar with their system before you begin tagging.  Check them out at  


There is no risk and no additional cost to you outside of our seller registration fee. Just register, enter your items and then print your tags using LIGHT-COLORED CARDSTOCK ONLY AND REGULAR PRINTING QUALITY.  It is that easy!

Your Benefits
  • You can electronically enter your tags, which will save you 50-60% of your time compared to hand-tagging.

  • You can print Inventory Sheets for all of your items. 

  • You can also print a donation list for your tax filings.

  • You can reuse your items for future sales with us and for other sales.

  • Your account will automatically be updated so that you can view which items sold at our sale each night after we close and prior to receiving your check.

  • You can calculate your potential sales in dollars. 



  • Click on the "REGISTER TO CONSIGN NOW" button  on our consignor page.

  • Register with My CM (make sure the mailing address you enter is the same one that you want your final payment mailed to if you are not picking up your unsold items on October 4th).

  • You will pay your $10 registration fee through PayPal

  • You will be asked to agree to our Seller Agreement.

  • You need to register for a "CHECK-IN" appointment where you will bring your inventory in for review prior to the sale.

  • You may also register as a team member from this same screen.  We encourage you to do so early before your preferred shifts are filled.  Please do not register for a check-in time during your working shift.

  • You may enter your items at that time or return later and login as a returning seller.  After entering all of your tagging information, sort all of your items by type: clothing, toys, equipment, etc. Regarding clothing, sort by gender and then size.

  • When sorting is completed, enter your items into the system. Go to the tab, Enter Items. By sorting prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to reenter the price and description for each similar item.

  • If you need to edit anything, go the Manage Inventory screen. Here you can print inventory reports, mass edit items or individual items, and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered into the system.

  • Printing can be performed at any time, at intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items. Please make sure that your tag paper consists of only light, pastel colors. You must use cardstock paper (at least 60# or 65# cardstock). To print your tags, you will need to login to your account via the Mommy-Wise website. YOU DO NOT NEED A PRINT CODE IF YOU ARE LOGGED INTO OUR WEBSITE.

  • Once your tags are printed, make sure the bar-code is clear and is not excessively dark (sometimes the "normal‟setting is best to use when printing), then cut on the lines and safety pin to right side of the clothing as it is facing you.  Clothing hanger hook needs to be facing left, like a question mark.  When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape on the bar code.If you have any questions about the website, email them at  contact- 


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