Do you have outgrown boutique or popular brand items that are taking up space in your closet, attic, or garage? Want to clear some space and earn $? Our closet sale might be perfect for you! Reach out to Emily by emailing for a consultation. 

Baby Clothes

Closet Sale Seller Guidelines

1. Items must be boutique/high quality/in demand brands. 

2. Seller is limited to 30 items. 

3. Pricing will be established by the Mommy-Wise team. 

4. Mommy-Wise will carefully examine your items for spots, etc.  We reserve the right to reject ANY items, regardless of condition or brand.  

5. Your items will be collected two weeks prior to your scheduled sale date.

6. Seller agrees to share the sale with their friends on social media before and during the sale. 

7. Seller will be paid through PayPal 3 weeks after their scheduled sale. Any sales after the 3 week period will be sent monthly until the scheduled Mommy-Wise Fall/Winter Sale and after the completion of the sale items must be picked up/donated and seller will receive final payment. 

8. Unsold Closet Sale Fall/Winter items will be entered as inventory for Mommy-Wise Fall/Winter sale and be considered Concierge Service. 

9. Closet sellers will receive 55% of the profits from their sale.