By clicking the links above you will be taken to our in order to: 

register as a seller, pay fee, enter items,  and manage inventory

Register as for your check-in time and your team member shift(s)

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FYI Highlights

  • Only SELLERS can be TEAM MEMBERS so we encourage you to become a seller if you haven't sold before! 

  • Registration fee is $10. 

  • The sale has been extended to FOUR DAYS to add more shopping days due to COVID 19. The preview sales will be on TUESDAY night (9/29)! 

  • BOUTIQUE ONLY on women's clothing. 

  • REMINDER: Sellers will each be given 5 preview passes for our Friends of Sellers so their family and friends can shop early on Thursday, October 1st at 9 am.  See a seller to get a pass!

  • The last day to enter your items is September 16th at 9pm. 


Comisson Rates

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Earn 70% of Sales
  • Seller processes, preps, and tags own items.

  • Seller works TWO 3-hour team member shifts.

  • Receive TWO tickets to Preview Sale on Tuesday, September 29th: 5pm-7pm.

  • Shop Half-Price Sale early on Friday, October 2nd: 6:30pm-8pm. 

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Earn 65% of Sales
  • Seller processes, preps, and tags own items.

  •  Seller works ONE 3-hour team member shift. 

  •  Attend Team Member Preview Sale 5pm, Tuesday, September 29th and receive a ticket for the Seller Preview Sale on 7pm Tuesday, September 29th.

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Earn 60% of Sales
  • Seller processes, preps, and tags own items using our easy online services. 

  •  Attend Seller Preview Sale on Tuesday, September 29th at 7pm. 

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Concierge Sellers
  • Your items are professionally grouped, priced, and prepped by our team of experienced taggers. 

  • Receive tickets  to shop Preview sales based on Team Member shifts



  1. Review the Seller directions and register through

  2. Pay $10 registration fee through Paypal.

  3. Register on this site for a CHECK-IN appointment.

  4. Items must be clean, pressed, and on hangers with the hook facing left (like a question mark).  Non-clothing items MUST BE clean and disinfected.  

  5. Tag is placed on the upper right-hand side of clothing.   

  6. No stained items, items with missing buttons or broken snaps, tears etc. or worn, faded, dated or pilled items will be accepted.  Please make sure that your clothing is free of pet hair and does not smell of smoke or pets. 

  7. You need to take any non-qualifying items with you at check-in or donate them at that time.

  8. LIMITATIONS ON NUMBERS: There are no limits on boutique items and these do not count toward your total.  Limitations are as follows:  a) NB through 12M: 40 hangers per gender  b) 18M through size 20: 10 pajama items/consignor/gender.

  9. We will not be accepting Wal-Mart and K-Mart brands of clothing or shoes.  A complete list of brands unaccepted is on this website on the ACCEPTED/UNACCEPTED ITEMS page.  MW reserves the right to reject ANY item. We ask that you respect our judgment.

  10. Seller tags must have a NUMBER size.  No small, medium, or large, please.  

  11. WE REQUIRE THE USE OF SAFETY PINS OR TAGGING GUNS to attach clothing tags.  Please do not use straight pins, ribbon, clothes pins or tape on clothing.

  12. All cloth material on toy or baby items must be clean.  All toys, furniture, baby equipment and books must be clean.

  13. All toys requiring batteries must include functioning batteries.

  14. All unsold items must be picked up on SUNDAY, October 4th from 12pm - 3pm.  ANY ITEMS NOT RETRIEVED WILL BE DONATED OR DISPOSED OF AT 3:00PM.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!  

  15. We are having a HALF-OFF SALE on the last day of the sale (Saturday, October 3rd from 8:00AM - 2:00PM).  You may select "discount" when creating tags on-line in order to participate in this mark-down.  If you choose to donate your items, they will automatically be discounted on the final sale day.  There is a preview sale for two+ shift TEAM MEMBERS after the sale closes on Friday, October 2nd.  Some of your items may be sold that night at half-price but this is after we close for regular business.