Tagging Instructions

The last day to enter items is September 16th at 9:00 PM. 

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How to Prepare and Tag Your Items for sale at Mommy-Wise:


Please carefully read all instructions as they are




  1. Clean, iron and hang clothing.  We have a $3 minimum for clothing items so please create outfits or group up to three items per hanger to achieve this price or higher.  Each hanger is considered one item toward your limits on items.  IRONING HELPS YOUR ITEMS SELL AND SELL FASTER!

  2. You may group outfits, t-shirts, pajamas or sleepers together with up to three items per hanger.  These MUST be the same size and level of brand quality.  We will not accept clothing in bags.

  3. Use hangers that are appropriate for the size clothing.  No grown-up hangers for clothes under kid-size 5, please.  HANGER HOOK MUST FACE TO THE LEFT, LIKE A QUESTION MARK.

  4. Disinfect toys and sterilize your items.

  5. Tags for clothing should be attached to the upper right-hand side (as you lay it out facing you - see above photo).  Tags must be printed on WHITE or light pastel-colored CARDSTOCK and attached to clothing items with SAFETY PINS or TAGGING GUN BARBS only!  If you use a tagging gun only tag items on a seam to prevent holes.


  7. Pants need to hang straight down on the hanger so that they can be inspected at check in.  If you do not have pant hangers, you may use large safety pins attached to either side of the top of the hanger and to the top of the pants. (See picture below)

  8. Shoes: Use zip-ties to attach shoes together.

  9. Books maybe placed in ziplock-type bags or bound together with string.  Please use masking tape on paper so that it does not tear.

  10. On toys or other large items, you may use packing tape or tie ribbon on the item and safety pin the tag to the ribbon or string.  


Pricing Guide.png

Please price your items at 1/4 to 1/2 of the price you paid.  Overpriced items DO NOT SELL before half-price day.  You will cost yourself many sales if you over-price items.   While creating your tags, you may select to discount your item (50% off only) or choose not to offer a discount .  If you choose to donate your items YOU MUST DISCOUNT THEM FOR HALF PRICE DAY. 

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BARCODING GUIDELINES (what you will need and need to do):

1) Access to a computer, printer and internet with an up-to-date browser like Firefox, Chrome, etc.

2) DO NOT TAPE over the barcodes!

3) MUST USE NORMAL or DRAFT print setting.  "Best" quality uses too much ink and causes barcode bleeding.

4) Print out a test page of your barcodes and make sure they are crisp and clear looking. 

5) Try not to make your descriptions to the very edge of the description box and try not to use too many capital letters.

6) Use a good description including the brand, color, etc.  This is very helpful if your tag becomes separated from your items. ie> Vineyard Vines Light Blue Corduroy Pants